Okinawa Parco City

沖縄PARCO CITY店は、沖縄の新たなランドマークでもある「パルコシティー」内にあり、沖縄初のHeakaになります。最新のヘアデザインとヘアケアをこれまでのHeaka AVEDAのサービスや理念とともに、沖縄の皆様にご提供して参ります。時代の空気を読み取るヘアスタイルの提供はもちろん、「お客様一人ひとりが、日々の疲れを癒し心地よさを感じていただける時間と空間でありたい」との想いを胸に、すべてのサービスをご提供しています。

Okinawa PARCO CITY Store is located in Okinawa's new landmark PARCO CITY and will be the first Heaka in Okinawa. We will provide the latest hair design and hair care to everyone in Okinawa along with the services and principles Heaka AVEDA is renowned for. Not only can you enjoy personalized and alluring hair care with hairdressing and design that exudes an aura of contemporary trendiness, we also offer to you all our services with our heartfelt wish: May each and every customer be able to enjoy the time and space to heal their daily fatigues and find comfort with us.


中田晋也 / Shinya Nakada

Salon Director

手島奈々美 / Nanami Teshima


川久保悟 / Satoru Kawakubo


儀保千央 / Gibo Chihisa


竹内勇輔 / Yuusuke Takeuchi


後藤優瞳 / Goto Yume